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Cupid's Match | Wattpad Books - Fall 2019 List

For teen Lila Black, Cupid isn’t a myth—he’s her perfect match.

Find out more about “Cupid’s Match” by Lauren Palphreyman, coming Fall 2019 from Wattpad Books.


Written by Lauren Palphreyman

Available October 1, 2019
$10.99 / 352 pages / 5.25 x 8.25
Young Adult

Available for pre-order at Indigo and Barnes and Noble!


For teen Lila Black, Cupid isn’t a myth—he’s her perfect match.

When teen Lila Black arrives at The Cupids Matchmaking Service intent on stopping them from spamming her, her world is turned inside out when she learns not only that cupids exist, but that she’s been matched with the infamous god of love, Cupid. The only catch? Lila's cupid guide, Cal, informs her she can't actually fall for Cupid; if she does, it will summon the goddess Venus, and it won't be pretty. As Cupid and Lila try to resist each other's magnetic pull, they discover an ancient group of cupids, the Arrows, are after them and determined to stop their match. Only by working together and surrendering to the power of myths can Lila and her cupids defeat the Arrows and put an end to Venus, once and for all.

  • More than 46 million reads

  • Total votes: 2,265,000

  • Total comments: 750,000

About the Author

Lauren Palphreyman’s supernatural teen romance series, Cupid's Match, has accumulated over forty-five million reads online and has been developed into a pilot for CW Seed. As part of Wattpad's social influencer program, Wattpad Stars, she has written for brand campaigns, spoken on a panel at London Wattcon, and completed a chapter for the Writer's Digest's The Writer's Guide to Wattpad. Lauren previously worked as an insight analyst for Penguin Random House. She lives and writes in London, England.

Watch the digital series pilot for Cupid’s Match here.