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What Happened That Night | Wattpad Books - Fall 2019 List

How well can you ever really know your sister…?

Find out more about “What Happened That Night” by Deanna Cameron, coming Fall 2019 from Wattpad Books.


Written by Deanna Cameron

Available September 17, 2019
$18.99 / 416 pages / 5.25 x 8.25
Young Adult

Available for pre-order at Indigo, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble!


How well can you ever really know your sister…?

Golden boy Griffin Tomlin is found dead, floating in his pool, the morning after his family’s Labor Day party, and neighbor Emily Porterfield is arrested for his murder. No one knows why she killed him, except for her younger sister, Clara. The secrets behind What Happened That Night unravel in dual timelines:  

In the present, Clara struggles with the aftermath of the murder—questions and distrust from her friends, denial from her parents, and visits to her sister in jail. And amidst all of that, another body is discovered that could be connected.

In flashback, the events that brought Clara, Griffin, and Emily together and that led to his death are revealed—events that involve a crush, an obsession, and a shocking twist.

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About The Author

Deanna Cameron has been writing on Wattpad since she was sixteen using the pseudonym LyssFrom1996. In 2015, she posted her novel, What Happened That Night, on the platform, which has gone on to be published in France and is forthcoming in North America. Deanna spends the early hours of the morning writing and currently resides in Western New York, where she attends university.